Types of building construction

There are many types of building construction. Man began to build the first buildings millennia ago, over time this type of activity has become a separate branch of the economy.

Scientific and technological progress could not but affect the methods of construction – at the moment, modern materials are used in the construction of facilities, advanced technologies are applied. As a result, buildings are extremely strong, durable and easy to use.

Currently, the construction of buildings for various purposes is carried out using modern techniques. This allows you to get excellent results in a short time. Very often, metal structures are used to perform this task, which have a number of undeniable advantages in comparison with other methods of building construction. Only real professionals can successfully cope with such a task.

The construction industry is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. There are several classifications of construction.

Main classification

Construction is of two types:

  • capital

This category includes the construction of structures, which are defined by the concept of real estate. Capital construction objects have a strong connection with the ground through the foundation.

  • non-capital

The main difference between non-capital construction structures is that they are erected for a certain period of time. This category includes utility blocks, change houses, pavilions, kiosks, sheds, hangars.

Classification of construction by type of work performed

In accordance with this sign, construction is of the following types:

  • new (when a building is being built from scratch)
  • reconstruction (implementation of restoration work in order to return the original state to an already existing object, partially destroyed for any reason)
  • expansion (in this case, construction work is carried out in order to supplement the existing building with additional extensions)
  • technical modernization (re-equipment) (carried out in a situation of moral obsolescence of the structure)

Classification of construction according to the purpose of the objects under construction

There are also different types of construction depending on the type of objects. On this basis, construction can be divided into the following types:

  • industrial

The technology of construction of production facilities has a lot of features, which is why industrial construction is distinguished into a separate category. For example, such buildings, as a rule, have a shed roof, it has a flat shape. Industrial buildings may not have windows.

  • transport

This category includes the construction of bridges, roads and tunnels. The process of creating such objects is fundamentally different from the construction of buildings.

  • military

The construction of military facilities is carried out by companies specializing in this particular type of activity. Often, military facilities are built by military construction units.

When military operations are not carried out, these same formations take over the construction of buildings that are intended for the residence of military personnel. Military construction also includes the construction of defensive structures and theaters of military operations.

  • civil

It is this type of construction that is currently most widespread. This industry is incredibly attractive to investors. Residential buildings can be low-rise or multi-apartment complexes. The company “MSK” has extensive experience in the construction of public and residential buildings.

  • agricultural

The construction of facilities on the territory of large agricultural and livestock farms has a number of nuances. Such buildings for industrial purposes are usually located at a distance from each other over a fairly large area, which inevitably affects the construction work. Agricultural buildings include greenhouses, poultry houses, agrotechnical buildings, livestock complexes and veterinary clinics.

  • hydrotechnical

Canals, dams, dams and reservoirs are built by companies specialized in this particular area. Construction works of this type of facilities are characterized by scale and involve quite complex engineering surveys.

Construction is a broad concept that includes many types of work. In the usual sense, construction is the erection of structures. In fact, the term construction also includes the repair, reconstruction and restoration of a building.

Also, construction is divided into several types. Each of them has its own nuances. Depending on which of these types of construction the company is engaged in, different requirements may be put forward for it. In this article, we will briefly tell you about the main directions in construction.